WNV Single Brush Unit


This rugged, steel framed galvanised and stainless steel unit is a mechanically propelled single brush wash machine, so there is no pushing or pulling, just steering. No trailing cables or pipes and no top heavy units which will blow over in windy weather. You just take the unit to the vehicle and with 600 litres of on board water plus detergent, 5 vehicles can be cleaned before it requires a refill.


Washing times are around 4 minutes per coach or 6 minutes for an artic, which is considerably quicker and cleaner than using a power wash. So it is well received by drivers who have to wash their own vehicles, as it adds little time and effort to their daily work load.


Each machine is propelled by diesel, battery or petrol. Battery operation is extremely popular in an area with residents nearby, as its use is virtually noise free.


The brush shaft comes with a selectable up to 20 degree tilt for vehicle contour following, electric on board detergent dosing pump, variable speed drive via a simple twist grip on the steering handle bars and the soft brushes have a reversible action to get into those awkward areas.


On board extras include a ride on platform, pressure wash lance, high pressure wheel wash and an operator's cabin.


ex-rental factory reconditioned units are available.

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