Automatic Under Chassis Wash


Our WNV-systems fully automatic under chassis wash systems has proven very successful in many different installation environments, from local authorities cleaning gritting lorries, bus companies cleaning their fleet, to an integral part of the production line at the Caterpillar factory. The first WNV under chassis wash was installed over 20 years ago and upwards of 100 have been fitted within the UK.


The vehicle / locomotive is parked on the wash bay, vehicle selection is made via a touch screen user interface. Then the wash is left to clean the vehicle automatically. The robot head with 3 revolving turrets, each with 3 nozzles, spin and clean across the whole vehicle width.


The head traverses by hydraulic drive a section of the vehicle at a time, returns, then repeats the action, before moving on to the next section to clean.


Typically a 12 metre vehicle is cleaned with low pressure in around 30 minutes, a 6 wheel Refuse Collector will be cleaned for an MOT inspection in 25 minutes.


Our chassis wash can also be specified with a hot foam application to cover the vehicles under carriage with a hot foam traffic film remover before commencing the clean. Other options include application of antibacterial chemicals for decontamination or anti-corrosion waxes, it can also be used to de-ice or apply ice prevention products.


 Features of the WNV under chassis wash:


Standard chassis wash length of 12 metres, however any size is available.


Full stainless steel construction.


Spray head propelled by 4 wheel hydraulic drive.


3 stainless steel turrets on spray head each with 3 angled nozzles, 9 nozzles in total cleaning full vehicle width.


Jets are synchronised with a hydraulically driven toothed belt to maximise spray cleaning pattern.


15 Kilowatt multi stage cleaning pump (specified to operate with recycled water) providing 300 PSI with over 200L per min. flow rate.


Full adjustable and programmable to concentrate specifically on contaminated areas such as engine and gearbox, or to avoid any sensitive areas, for example avoiding batteries/electronic on hybrids.


Incremental detergent pump applying cleaning chemicals.


Running track in heavy gauge hot dipped galvanised steel.


Microprocessor controlled with multi programmes and tracking systems to record the number of washes completed etc.


Frost protected by draining any water from the system when not in use.


Legionella control and anti-stagnation packages available.


Hot foam application, anti-freeze application, anti-corrosion application and anti-bacteria applications available.


Designed and manufactured in the UK with industry standard heavy duty components.


Full European and U.K. patented.


12 months service and warranty from date of commissioning.


 Site services required: 63A. T.P.N.E. mains water supply of 50 lpm



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