WNV systems can provide a wide range of different static pressure wash equipment, including hot and cold water units & adjustable chemical injection.


These units can be used in conjunction with our water reclamation units and rain water harvesting systems.


Please contact us for details.

WNV-systems under chassis wash fitted at stagecoach Ramsgate in September 2013. This under chassis wash was fitted using an existing ramp and plant room. The wash frame was made to fit within the ramp and utilises the existing pit as an interceptor. Unit is operating in tandem with out full water reclamation system.


Example video of WNV systems top wash and under chassis washed fitted throughout the UK.

WNV-systems under chassis wash fitted at Chichester  Stagecoach in April 2013. This under chassis wash was fitted using their existing plant room. The base was positioned to allow as much space for parking as possible. It utilises our full water reclamation system. This instillation included a purpose built steel sump bellow the under chassis was acting as an integral sump tank, due to specific site requirements.

WNV-systems under chassis wash fitted at Neath County council site in August 2013. This chassis wash was fitted within the already existing top wash bay and utilises the top washes existing water reclamation system. The instillation is used for the MOT and under chassis cleaning of the councils full range of vehicles, including refuge collection vehicles, coaches, busses and HGVs.

WNV-systems under chassis wash fitted at Stagecoach Hastings in August 2013, This installation was placed in an existing low level manual wash area, this was backfilled & integral sump constructed bellow the wash unit. It uses our water reclamation system housed in one of our plant rooms.


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